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"Once upon a time... the world ended.

No one knew where they came from or what they wanted, but they took everything. They called themselves the World Order Liberation Force or W.O.L.F. We fought back as best we could...

Now we fight to survive… We fight for our happily ever after."


Thus starts chapter one of FUTURE TALES, a creative reimagining of classic fairy tales set in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world. Beloved characters like you’ve never seen them before. Their stories interweave and inform each other to create a larger narrative, all leading to the thrilling final chapter.


FUTURE TALES is written by Philip Tarl Denson and illustrated by an international team of of artists.


This exciting new universe bursts onto the scene in a 100-page graphic novel this October. An interconnected sci-fi anthology for all ages. Eight chapters, each focusing on a well-known fairy tale with a twist…


Future Tales is a perfect bound 100-page, full colour graphic novel printed on 115gsm glossy interior paper and a 300gsm gloss cover paper at standard comic size 260mm x 170mm (10.2" x 6.7").


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