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Dead City Lullabies Volume #1 is the first chapter of the award-winning science fiction  odyssey in the tradition of the great masters of sci-fi, from Australian writer and illustrator Aidan Roberts and proudly published by Wild North Comics.


Originally released digitally in November 2022  DEAD CITY LULLABIES #1 was WINNER of the GOLD LEDGER AWARD at the 2023 Comic Arts Awards of Australia. 



Set in the far distant future of an alien civilisation that has crumbled under its own technological weight; Dead City Lullabies explores ecological collapse, apocalyptic visions and trans-humanist futures through a poetic science fiction lens. 


Dr Elena Alpin is a techno-archaeologist investigating the archaic ruins of collapsed civilisation Aeres II. What she discovers deep in the canyons of Sol Perme Dante will set in motion a series of events that will not only transform her life, but define the future of a dying civilization...


What is the true cause of the fall of the  mighty Aeres civilisation? What is the Dr Alpin looking for amongst it's rubble? And what is the mystery hidden inside the canyons of the broken world? 


This epic science fiction odyssey is inspired by the work of Roger Zelazny, JG Ballard, Frank Herbert’s Dune and the broken worlds of Ridley Scott's Bladerunner. 



DEAD CITY LULLABIES VOLUME #1 will be a gorgeous full-color prestige format 68-page graphic album in the style of European bande dessinée.  This deluxe edition will include new wraparound cover art; the first 44 page chapter of Dead City Lullabies; a 10 page unpublished short comic "Winter in the Garden of Steel";  bonus material including world maps; behind the scenes; a gallery of sketches and concept art by the artist and creator Aidan Roberts.


SPECS: Full color prestige format graphic album; printed on 115gsm glossy interior paper and a 300gsm gloss cover paper comic size 21cm x 30mm (8.4″ x 11.6″ )



Shipping April 2024
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