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CHRONOS THE SPACETIME MACHINE written, illustrated & imagineered by Timothy Parish


In the near future, the CHRONOS software merges quantum physics, fractal algorithms and artificial intelligence to render a perfect simulacrum of space and time. Yet nothing could prepare the first chrononaut for the voyage he is about to undertake...


“Chronos is a deep dive into futurism, the paradox of time travel and the power of artificial intelligence to transform the world around us.” says Parish about the project. “…if we ever did master the science of time travel, would the human mind even be able to handle the existential experience of navigating all of eternity?”


CHRONOS: THE SPACETIME MACHINE is a prestige format magazine exploring time travel,
simulation theory and cosmic consciousness. CHRONOS combines traditional, digital and AI
neural-imaging arts containing both the original digital illustration version of the comic and the AI
generated redux.



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