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Wild North Comic Con is excited to launch four new titles by Darwin comic creators. Come and support local artists and be the first to get your hands on these hot new titles.



FUTURE TALES - Written by Philip Tarl Denson
Illustrated by Anneke P. Putri, Raymund August, Yussuf Adeleye and more.
“Once upon a time... Our world ended. No one knew where they came from or what they wanted, but they took everything. They called themselves the World Order Liberation Federation or W.O.L.F. We fought back as best we could... The survivors now live in three hidden underground cities, each run by a resistance leader, ex-cops colloquially known as “The Three Pigs.” Now we fight to survive. We fight for our happily ever after.”


FUTURE TALES is sci-fi reimagining of classical fairy tales set in a future post-apocalyptic world, written by award-winning screenwriter Philip Tarl Denson.


In the near future, Chronos AI is developed to render a simulation of the cosmos using quantum physics and fractal algorithms allowing users to travel back in time. However, the first ‘Chrononaut’ comes back with his mind fractured, unable to communicate his experience for months a radical form of

CHRONOS is an epic mind-bending cosmic science fiction that explores the edges of the imagination, simulations theory and cosmic consciousness. Written and imagineered by artist and filmmaker Timothy Parish, Chronos has been illustrated using a mixture of digital illustration and AI neural imaging.



Written and illustrated by Jonathon Saunders
Zero-Point: Origins follows the journey of Kyle Burton, an Australian army captain who manifests the ability to channel zero-point energy while working as an international peacekeeper in East Timor. He soons discovers that his powers are connected to this deceased feather, who was involved in an ‘accident’ at the Maralinga Quantum Test Facility decades ago, opening up a world of political corruption and conspiracy. Based on the award-winning animated web-series Zero-Point: Season Zero.

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by Levin A. Diatschenko

Heavengrad is a city populated with undead bankers, enchanted tattoos, where people bleed money and strippers are revered as priestesses. However, a revolution is brewing in the suburbs fed by rumours of a prophet in the mountains known only as 'The Goatsaint'...

Levin A. Diatschenko is a novelist, playwright and animator from Ukranian/Argentian heritage. His work is mostly inspired by meditation (raja yoga) and dreams bumped up against life in general. Levin has published six novels, written three plays and is currently producing his third  feature length animation. His work has been referred to variously as magical realism, suburban surrealism and psychedelic fable. 

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